One Magical Life Changing Tip Before You Tidy with Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo is all about tidying — and she’s created a revolution. 

But many people say they’re getting burned out and overwhelmed with mounds of clothes and crap in the middle of the room.

I experienced this IRL y’all. A dear friend of mine whose husband, mother and son are dealing with health challenges was feeling stuck and swallowed by the clutter that comes with having a family. Her heaviness was exacerbated by juggling a new full-time job and caregiving for multiple family members.

(((Note to readers: Insert deep breath here)))

She, and we, will be OK. 

She asked me to do a walk-through to suss out the situation.

Here’s a huge tip to thwart the overwhelming feeling when starting to organize your place.

Baby steps, boo. Here’s a simple shot of design inspo…

Take Action

Everything big starts small. Think of a redwood tree, which starts as a small seed.

So slow your roll.

1. Start with one space.

2. Schedule 2-3 hours a week to work on that space. Start by pulling out everything in the space. Give it a good wipe down. Clearing dust helps clear energy and creates flow. Then, Marie Kondo it, feel the joy in every piece of clothing or thing.

3. Follow through on that task.

Don’t spend all day decluttering and organizing your house. You’ll like be frustrated and give up.

Do a couple hours one day, and save another space for another day. Again… baby steps!

But remember, make sure to finish the task at hand, then you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.

It’ll be more:
1. Enjoyable
2. You’ll likely complete the task
3. And you’ll likely come back to another space tomorrow. 

Just like in life, when you slow down, be present with what you’re doing, be it meditating or showering. Being in the moment and taking your time bit by bit will help you keep the marathon of things you’re hoping to accomplish!


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