The Power of the Pillow

It’s time for some pillow talk. I love pillows — how they make you feel, embrace you and add depth to any room.

I’ve shared about my most important nightly routine — next to stretching my body — for my home, which involves my “everything has a final resting place” rule. 

Here’s another thing I MUST do every night before bed and, yes, it involves pillows:

So why fluff the pillows on the couch before turning in for the night? And why even invest in lots of pillows?   

1. Pillows make any place feel cozier and more homey. Try getting different sizes and textures and make sure to stick to a color palate so the room doesn’t look dizzying to the eye.

2. Fluffing couch pillows before you sleep is like making your bed in the morning. You know that feeling of “aaaahhh” when you enter a room with a freshly-made bed? You’ll get that same vibe when you wake up to a living room with fluffed pillows. To top it all off, you can start off each day with a sense of accomplishment without having to do anything.

There is nothing like sinking into a cloud-like, cushiony pillow to make you feel at home. Taking care of the pillows reflects self-care. Try it!


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