10 Things to Multiply Calm Inside and Out

This morning, I woke up with such peace in my heart, mind and spirit. After my morning meditation, I couldn’t help but share these snapshots of the sunrise outside my window — the horizon, dark grey skies above and the sun peeking through.

Looking at Coit Tower outside my window at dawn.
Sunrise over San Francisco.

I set my phone camera on video mode and did another meditation in silence as I watched the birds fly and sing amid the balmy blue, plush pinks and blazing orange light show as nature’s magnificence took hold.

This was deep for me, then I GOT it! I chose not to focus on despair and the C-word that’s been dominating headlines and, instead, focused on nature’s grandeur playing out in front of me. It was a moment that billowed into many blissful moments and peace with the present moment.

Here’s what I witnessed along with some action items to calm your mind, body and spirit:

Take Action

1. Breathe. Start off with 10 deep breaths.

2. Feel. Think and/or write down 10 things you’re grateful for today.

3. Do. Take action on 10 things you’re going to do today to elevate your spirit or someone else’s reality.

Yesterday, I listened to Arianna Davis, digital director of Oprah Magazine, interview Oprah. I relished in their conversation as Oprah said she is enjoying calm and peace amid the non-busyness of our current situation.

Made me think, haven’t we longed for a world that’s slower, allows for time with family and loved ones, has more connectedness and conversation, and more “me time” which leads to “we-community-unity time”? We have that opportunity now. Let’s enjoy it.

Much love,

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