Be Factual, Not Fearful

As we enter Week 2 of quarantining, I’m continuing my anti-viral vlog in hopes of keeping your mind, body and spirit healthy.

Today, I woke up super early to talk about how we can keep sane and healthy while isolating with my hometown TV news station, FOX 40 in Sacramento. Taylor Tucker, a morning show producer, has been following my vlogs and asked me to share my insights (I’ll post the video when it’s available).

Meanwhile, this past week has been emotional, hasn’t it? On a higher vibration, I am so grateful for:

-Basics like shelter (somewhere to quarantine), food, water. Seriously!

-Walks: I tend to go out early in the morning and in the evening when there are less folks out.

-Community and my network of folks with whom I’ve been able to do virtual chats, virtual dinners and virtual workouts. WOW, thanks technology.

-Witnessing so many people practicing self-care and good deeds. I SEE you!

I’ve also received messages that would invoke fear:

-Angela, a journalist friend, tested positive for COVID-19. She was in Australia for a wedding and had no symptoms except for being more sore than usual a day after surfing. She was adamant about getting checked before flying back to the U.S. because she had learned more than a dozen of people at that wedding tested positive for the coronavirus. She was able to get tested and is now quarantined at a hospital in the land of Oz.

-Maria, my dear spiritual friend and journalist sister-from-another-mister, is on a ventilator and hospitalized in N.Y. She has battled cancer many times over and has only one lung. Praying for Angela and Maria and all of you who are touched closely by the effects of this virus.

To calm the worry, I’ve noticed my meditations have gotten progressively longer. I’m up to 40+ minutes some days now.

I wanted to share today’s download I received during my meditation: Don’t be fearful, be factual.

I hope this anti-virus vlog will help you shift from fear to facts and into the present moment:

What are you doing to face your fears? Where are you finding your facts? What are you doing creatively to bring light into your life and community during these dark times? I want to know! Please share your thoughts and tag me @goinspirego and @toanlamtv.

What will you choose: fact or fear?

Sending love,

P.S. whether you pray or meditate or think good thoughts, please remember Angela and Maria. If you need prayer, tag me on social and send their names and I’ll pray for them, too. Thank you.

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