‘Forcing to Focus in Crisis’

Almost one month into the shelter-in-place order here in San Francisco, and I’m continuing to make time for things that move me forward.

Here’s a free-flow reading of a poem I wrote this morning on finding focus during crises:

• • •

Forcing to Focus in Crisis

Focus on restructuring our schedules, lives or old ways of being.

Focus on our inner-cise, or the internal self-care, yoga, meditation, journaling or just being mindful when we’re caught off-guard and not mindful in the moment.

Focus on streamlining every aspect of our lives — personally, professionally and spiritually.

Focus on how react to others who choose to buy into the FEAR instead of the facts.

Focus on the quieting of our minds.

Focus on the nourishing of our bodies.

Focusing on the beating of our hearts.

Focusing on our breath.

Focusing on prayer.

Focusing on being in the flow.

Focusing on the fact that it is what it is.

Focusing on kindness.

Focusing on making someone’s day more joyful.

Focusing on reconnecting with beloved people who we fell out of contact with because we were so busy.

Focusing on what we can harness and not worrying about what we can’t control.

Focusing on doing something to elevate the human experience.

Focusing on non-judgment.

Focusing on light instead of the darkness.

Focusing on wisdom over woes.

Focusing on everything you have, not what you don’t possess.

Focusing on a higher vibration.

Focusing on WHAT matters.

Focusing on WHO matters.

Focusing on what this challenge is teaching you, and me, and the new WE economy.

Cause we are all in this together and we will get through this together.

What are you CHOOSING?

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