Foraging Fun: How Will You Make Time to Play Today?

When was the last time you played? I mean the “being in the present moment, not caring about what is going on in the world, just being joyful” kind of play?

You might be thinking that playing is the last thing on your mind right now. There are bills to pay, kids to home school and, if you’re lucky, virtual work to do during these unprecedented, uncertain, COVID-craziness times.

While it may seem counterintuitive, I’m inviting you to release judgment and simply allow yourself time to luxuriate in play. Think of everything you’re doing as a game. Yep, even making lunch, home schooling and daily chores. Play can come in many different forms.

For example, yesterday, I had the MOST AMAZING time sloshing in the rain with my good friend Kim for a distancing walk. I also got to see Reggie, my dog-phew (my four-legged nephew). While we couldn’t control the reality around us — rain, clouds, chilly weather — we could focus on the good it brought to us.

Distance walking with my dear friend Kim.

We walked through nature and along Lake St. in San Francisco, one of my favorite tree-lined roads, with adorable storybook homes full of character.

Tudor-style homes in San Francisco fill with me so much joy.

We foraged flowers and randomly picked up fallen branches from magnolia and palm trees.

Someone that day had said to me, “Ugh, today was horrible. It was rainy, wet, and miserable.”

Well, I had a different experience. I was tuned into the gift of rain. Thank you rain for cleaning the streets!

Thank you rain for bringing these beautiful blossoms. Thank you rain for keeping those miserable people at home (I kid, kind of) and emptying the streets.

Grateful for rain that keeps roads clear from dirt and crowds.

I also discovered some amazing things along our magical journey. Looking back at this video diary I made, I felt like such a little kid — full of excitement, wonder, bliss, joy and loving the experience of a rainy, present-moment day. While you watch, think about how you will play today:

Take Action

1. Play today! It is that simple. FIND TIME TO PLAY, TODAY! You can take the kids on a walk, hike or build a fortress out of couch cushions. Make a game out of foraging flowers, writing gratitude letters or baking something yummy together (I can taste the chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies already!).

Play allows you to be in the moment — the true richness of life. It also allows you to receive divine downloads. You know, those “Aha!” ideas that come flowing your way that change the trajectory of your life? Yep, those “Aha” moments.

If that sounds woo-woo, it’s OK. Try it anyway for just a moment.

One of my fave speaking gigs was when a now dear soul sister Michelle Darlington, owner of Nourish Kitchen + Lifestyle, a divine lifestyle store in Berry, Australia, invited me to speak to her community on this very concept of the “Aha” moments in life.

2. Connect to your inner child: Think about the activities that excited you when you were a kid. Let your younger self guide you, boo! I used to love reading aloud to my imaginary audience of stuffed animals.

Nowadays, I find myself pulling out design books and reading them as I take notes on what my future garden will look, feel and smell like. Visualizing and manifesting at its best! Can I say a property with land, come my way soon? Yes, please, universe.

3. Move your mind and body: It is funny how I thought yesterday was so MAGICAL; delicious, surreal and fun! As divine order would have it, this morning’s meditation from Deepak Chopra on abundance was about just being in this magical, manifesting, flow state. He talked about how people with an abundance mindset see life as a magical adventure, and how attention energizes and intention transforms.

What I miss most during this pandemic is not being able to be with those dear to me. I so want to hug my niece and nephews right now, visit loved ones who are elderly or immune-compromised and have people over for dinner parties. UGH!

But again, I’m choosing to control what I can control, and do what brings me joy, right here and now.

When I came home from my walk, Kim and I excitedly exchanged texts and pictures. She wrote:

Love staying connected with friends.

Instead of thinking about what some folks see as crappy weather, I embraced the day and didn’t resist “what is.” I mean, come on, I got to spend time with someone I adore (even if it was at a 6-foot distance). Foraging and arranging flowers. Just being in the moment. SO DELICIOUS.

Time spent with good company always brightens my day.

I am encouraging you today to see the beauty in everything and don’t judge or attach negative emotions to it. Feel the transformation and the blooming of that feeling of elation that is right here, right now, no matter the circumstance.

Keep foraging those moments of joy, peace and love, y’all.


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