You’re Going To Be OK

I know the answer, but how many of you would say “amen” to this lovely message I saw on @wefallwefly’s Instagram page?

’Tis a lot going on in the world of pandemic pandemonium, that is for sure. But during my morning meditation today, I had this reassuring message:


I believe all the challenges we experience are here to teach us something. For me, I’m focusing on what really matters: slowing down and letting my intuition guide me on decisions I’ve been forced to make as a result of the coronavirus craziness.

Pulling from previous personal, professional and spiritual challenges, I had a sense of calm after my morning meditation.

Here is an amazing quote, which is one of my favorites, and so apropos for these tumultuous times:

Take Action

1. Focus on gratitude. Count 10 things you’re grateful for now.

2. Connect with someone who “gets you” when you’re feeling sad. You’ll be glad you did.

3. No matter what you’re going through, repeat this mantra after me: “I’m going to be OK.” You, me, we will be OK.



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