Mourning the Former Pre-Pandemic You

Good morning, or is it good mourning for ya?

To be real, I’ve been vacillating between the two ever since the pandemic put us all on pause. Every morning, I sit still for a moment in meditation. Some days I feel like I’m slayin’, others like I’m stayin’ stuck in the same place.

That’s when I go to my breath and breathe — and realize that no matter the pauses or full-stops I’ve encountered in my personal, professional and spiritual life, I was always OK — then came through the other side better than I could have ever imagined.

I wanted to share some major downloads that came early this morning after being awakened by a huge Bay Area thunderstorm at 4 a.m. The lightning, thunder, wind, rain and cacophony of birds chirping was weirdly peaceful and a metaphor for what I’ve been weathering in my life since the pandemic hit in March.

I ran out to my living room to witness nature’s show and went into meditation right away. The perfect storm gave way to some insight on what’s been going on and how to process the pandemic’s pause. I really needed this (thank you God) to finally process the “new normal.”

Now, press play to download some wisdom, boo:

Take Action

1. Meditate! Start with 10 deep breaths. If you want to explore more, I love the Insight Timer Meditation App. Also, I mentioned the Wayne Dyer Manifestation Ahhh Meditation.

2. Gratitude journal. Do it. It works. Start with just five things you’re grateful for daily. When you’re grateful, you manifest more good things to be grateful for.

3. Sharing is caring. Share a story about how you are dealing with the pandemic. It may just change YOU and someone’s life for the better.

Be kind to yourself and others. The negative self-talk only puts you on a lower vibration. So vibe up. You, me, we will be OK.


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