Hydrangeas Falling From the Sky: A Reminder on Manifesting

Hey y’all, how you doing? As if things couldn’t get crazier, this weekend, California was hit with one of the craziest storms I’ve ever experienced in my collective 20+ years in San Francisco.

Some facts (thanks Gov. Gavin Newsom for the numbers):
–more than 10,800 lightning strikes in 72 hours
–record heat temperatures
–more than 360 known wildfires

With the crazier-than-usual news cycle and a pandemic that is panning out to be worse off than we think, I’m sure many of us aren’t even thinking of manifesting our dreams or that ice cream cone to help cool us off from the heat.

I wanted to share a quick inspiring story with y’all about manifesting and why, now more than ever, we need to be careful about what we think (negative self-talkers, I’m lookin’ at you). Our thoughts are energy and if we connect emotions to them long enough, they manifest into reality.

This may sound crazy, but I was low-key obsessing over some lovely lavender/green/yellow hydrangeas this past week. I was too exhausted (and COVID-anxious) to wait in line to buy them at the farmers’ market but knew that I would get them sooner or later.

Then, they fell from the sky, y’all — what the WHAT?

Here’s what happened and a reminder from you to me on how we can co-create our realities just by thinking and believing.

Take Action

If the negative news and darkness of these trying times got you on a negative vibration, be mindful and remember to work through the pain and don’t get stuck in it. We can manifest some magic no matter what we are facing individually and collectively.

What are you hoping to manifest?

1. Attitude of Gratitude. STOP now and write down 10 things you’re grateful for. See how this practice reprograms your brain to focus on what brings you joy and notice how more blessings will be blossoming your way.

2. Wayne Dyer’s Ah Meditation: DO IT. (While some friends were like, um, that was weird… others said it works. I agree with the latter.)

3. Abraham Teachings: Now that you got past the “Ahhhhh” sounds, get tuned in through Esther Hicks

–The weekend’s storm jolted me out of bed at 4 a.m. and inspired me to write this blog on mourning the pre-pandemic you.

Blessings + Blossoms,

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