Planting Joy During the Pandemic

How y’all doing? As we get deeper into the pandemic, I am experiencing extreme highs and lows. #YOUFEELME

This citronella has been sprouting wisdom in my life.

I’ve been doing everything self-help: virtual workouts, speaking with beloved to stay social from a distance, eating well, going on walks, meditating and talking to my plants.

Yes honey, be careful what you think. It affects what you say, do and becomes your reality. Speaking to this lovely little green plant made her grow bigger than this plant daddy could ever imagine.

So what spiritual lessons did this plant teach me about trusting in the process? You just may be lifted and shifted by the time you’re done watching this video.

*Note, I was told this was a geranium, but now am finding out she is a citronella plant. Cue the song “Isn’t she lovely?”

Take Action

1. Get a plant and talk to it. It will liven up your place, helps clean energy and will fill your place with more oxygen. In this case, citronella plants also help ward off pesky mosquitoes.

2. Remember, you are loved, you’re doing your best, you are being readied for the next best thing to elevate the true you, boo.

3. Share what you’re doing to lift your spirits during the pandemic. You never know who you will inspire, boo.


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