Are You Making an Appointment with Life?

One of the most important things you can do is put yourself on your schedule. Yep, make an appointment with life.

But how do we do this when we’re busy with work, kids and life’s hustle and bustle?

I’ve vlogged about my hack to create a space that inspires you to do your morning meditation. But even if you haven’t been able to do that yet, here’s a simple tip on how you can clear your mind without clearing the clutter (hopefully you’ll clear the clutter soon though).

Take action

If you need to focus and your place is messy at the moment, simply stare at a blank wall. Many monks and master meditators do this. Or better yet, if you have curtains or something plain to stare into, that works, too. Or simply close your eyes…and focus on your breath.

I don’t have a rigid mediation practice. When I am super busy, I take 10 deep breathes and I’m off to my appointments.

It also depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to sit in silence for 10-30 minutes. Sometimes I need a guided meditation to keep me focused. I go with the flow of how I feel.

One of my favorite apps is Insight Timer. I especially love the Mindful Breathing meditations with Buddhist teacher, spiritual leader and author Thich Nhat Hanh. There are so many life lessons and wisdom to calm my mind in this short mediation.

Three takeaways from the meditation:

1. Make an appointment with life. Whether you’re busy or not, it’s important to make time. There’s no right way to do it. Just focus on your breath.

2. We usually think we need to die to be in heaven, but Hanh says we need to feel alive to enjoy our life journey and that we don’t need to wait till we die to enjoy what God has created through life’s experiences. Here’s a clue: being grateful brings joy and more blessings.

3. If your mind is racing, it’s OK. Just focus on your breath and things you’re grateful for. Before you know it, you’ll be letting those thoughts go and become more still and calm

The idea here is that you make time for yourself every morning, even if you only have time for 10 deep breaths, and that you’re making an appointment with life.

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