From Wilt to Wow, What These Petals Can Teach YOU About LIFE

I’ve been in a rosy mood lately — literally. It started during Mother’s Day weekend when I headed to the local farmer’s market at Fort Mason in San Francisco to get flowers for my mom and fave auntie. To my dismay, the good flowers had been picked through and the leftovers made my heart wilt. Dramatic, I know. But true!

I was running out of time before I had to drive two hours to Sacramento to be with Mom, so I headed to the supermarket across the street and bought this lovely bouquet of roses. The colors didn’t go together, but I knew I was going to separate them and get more for my money by making two arrangements. This bunch cost about $18. Score!

Preparing to arrange grocery store flowers.

I washed the leaves, separated the stems and cut them diagonally to fit in two mason jars. I finished these bad boys off with ribbons, and voila! Inexpensive flower arrangements that look chic and expensive or luxe 🙂

I even saved two roses for myself and chose to keep it simple by putting them in two of my favorite vases.

After coming back from Sacramento, I packed my bags and hopped on a flight to Boston for a speaking gig. By the way, Boston, I adore you — the architecture, spring blossoms and yummy food. To. Die. For. When I returned home later in the week, I showered and went straight to bed. When I woke up the next morning, I saw that my two flowers had faded, wilted!

Wilted roses, no bueno!
Photo shot just before I had an “aha!” and created this vlog.

They brought me so much joy when they were living, and now, they’re gone. Dramatic, I know.

So I had an idea on how to get more life out of them. Here’s the video I shot. Excuse the puffy eyes, congested nasal passages and messy hair. I keep it real here, lol:

Take Action

Pluck the petals and put them in a bowl or plate. Extra points if you use a vessel that you gravitate toward — something that makes you happy. I have my favorite brass peacock bowl and this wabi-sabi hand-spun, denim-colored, ceramic bowl (which I got from a thrift store for $4). There you have it, a gorgeous way to add new life to flowers, save money and get more joy from your original bouquets.

Pluck petals, then put them in your fave vessel.

As I was rearranging my wilted flowers, I had a moment. It dawned on me that there is so much beauty in the wilting of life.

I’ve been open about losing four family members within about a year’s time. Although that was one of the most gut-wrenching experiences, it inspired me to soul search and, yes, death has taught me to live more.

So today, I had double joy, double gratitude as I got double the pleasure from my supermarket flowers.

Speaking of soul, on the plane ride back home, I listened to Oprah’s “SuperSoul Sunday” episode with Bradley Cooper. Oprah and Bradley talked about his amazing movie, “A Star is Born” (if you haven’t watched it, it’s a must see!), spirituality and his father’s death.

One moment that touched me was when Bradley talked about his father dying in his arms. He mentioned that when his dad took his last breath, he felt the transferring of energy go out of the body and into him. I got the chills because I believe we are all energy. The goodness, lessons and love leave a legacy in and around us.

Back to my flower lessons of the day:

1. Let go and see the beauty in death. Think about what death has to teach you about living.

2. Life is like a flower: you blossom, then eventually, we all wilt. What will you do before the time comes? (I know, morose, but true.)

3. Use your favorite things often, whether it’s your fave China, vessel for flowers or going on a walk and literally stopping to smell the flowers. Be in the present moment.

4. Any content with Oprah or Bradley Cooper makes me happy. What about you?

Extra Extra

Here’s a vlog I created to help you get more life out of your flowers.

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