How to Make Things Sacred

Call me craaazy, but I do talk a lot to the things I love in my life: my car, my home and even my plants.

As craaay as it may sound, I believe that when you talk to your belongings and treat them as though they’re sacred, it creates good energy, harmony and manifests things such as a car that performs better or plants that grow healthier.

Think about it, when you take the time to talk to them, chances are you’re in the present moment, which probably means you’re also making time to do regular maintenance on your vehicle and water your plants.

ONE of my fave design books of all time, “Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui” by Karen Kingston, talks about this very science and truth. It’s changed my home life, body life and spiritual life.

One of the secrets to making things sacred ⁠— making them last longer and creating more meaning around things ⁠— is talking to them. Here are some others tips, including some ideas from this awesome book.

She mentioned bonding with your home by:

1. Talking to your home. Feel and get tactile with the walls.

2. Naming things like your car or cherished items.

3. I personally talk to my plants.

On page 164, she quotes Stuart Wilde, a prolific and charismatic author and metaphysical teacher:

“How does something become sacred? It become sacred by people saying, ‘This is sacred.’ There is no other way. So how do you make your life sacred? You say, ‘This is sacred,’ and you treat it that way.”

Sacred to me means having significance, creating flow and harmony. Try talking to your things and let me know what the results are.

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