Why Mixing it Up is a Good Thing

I’m always up for life hacks that help me do life better. Although many may argue we are creatures of habit, I tend to bore easily when I do the same things over and over.

As a creative, I need to see things moving and shifting before my eyes. That’s why I am constantly rearranging my furniture and decor. It physically helps me keep things fresh and allows energy to flow in my home.

Each day, I do something different — it’s healthy and brings me joy. So, my message today and every day: mix it up, boo!

Today’s post is a “Toanfecta.” Get it? Toan + trifecta? LOL. When I went to Trader Joe’s recently, I bought a beautiful bunch of pink carnations (they last a lot longer than flowers from other grocery stores) to brighten up my place and mood. This mixing-it-up method helps you get:
1. More for your money
2. More value
3. More florals

Take Action

Here’s how you can get more for your money by mixing up your flower arrangements.

1. Gather different vases/vessels and group them. You can see I used wabi-sabi hand-made pottery for one group and cut glass vases for another. When you put them in groups on a table, there’s a theme and pulled-together look.

2. Different heights of vases add dimension, character and looks fabulous.

3. By using several vases, you spread the love. I like to split florals and put some in my bathroom, kitchen and on coffee tables. If I have a bigger bunch of flowers, I will put some on the mantle near my bed, window sill or altar in my home.

On the spiritual level and in life, this got me thinking, how I can mix things up?

Here are some ideas:

1. As I mentioned, moving furniture around helps energy flow in your home. That’s simple feng shui.

2. Take different routes to familiar places to keep life interesting. When I go to the gym, grocery store or run errands, I try to vary how I get there. It helps me shift my perspective as I discover new views and create new neural pathways.

3. Do different activities. On weekends, I like to go to the same farmers market and my usual cafe. I also enjoy walking along the water and hiking. I find it more interesting when I intentionally plan on mixing it up by inviting a friend I haven’t seen in a while. Sometimes I’ll visit another farmers market. 

How are you mixing it up and keeping life fresh? Let me know in the comments below. Happy mixing y’all. 


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