Reflections on manifesting my dream: ‘The Toan Lam Show’

I’m still buzzing from realizing my biggest dream: filming the first three episodes of “The Toan Lam Show” in front of a live studio audience.

I can’t put the exact feeling/energetic vibration into words, but here are a few that come to mind:

Even though it’s been a few weeks since the taping, words continue to fail me. Yes, me, Toan Lam, at a loss for words. I’ve experienced some highs in life, but this was different.

Answers and the sense of being grounded seem to come when I sit in silence or spend time outdoors. Naturally, words came to me during a recent walk in one of my favorite parks in San Francisco. As the trees rustled above me, I became still inside. The words flowed out so quickly that my thumbs couldn’t keep up typing on my phone. So, I hit record and created this video diary about this effervescent feeling of realizing my wildest dream (so far), what it meant for me and, perhaps, for you.

My intentions for the show:

Real Conversations: There is a palpable magic that happens when you have a good conversation with someone. It has a connecting and healing power.

Talking Through Challenges: What are the zigs, zags, ups, downs and challenges that knock us to the ground? And more importantly, how do we get back up and turn those challenges into life lessons that make us a better version of ourselves?

Living Your Truth: It’s difficult to be our TRUTH, but when you hear other people’s stories of courage and vulnerability, you are inspired to talk about the hardships of your life.

Having Fun: My mantra is “YOU DO YOU, BOO.” Be inspired to live, realize and manifest your dreams to the fullest.

One of the most fulfilling feelings is to see people step into their light. You can sense the burden lifted from them.

Join me and experience the magic of conversation with my guests, that will LIFT your spirits and SHIFT your perspective on life’s challenges.

Special thanks to our show guests:

Crystal Lee — Golden State Warriors in-arena host, TV host, Miss California, mentor and inspiration for young women talks about finding true beauty/self-esteem within.

Benny Luo — Founder of NextShark talks about following your “true dream” (not your parents’ dream for you) that is authentic to you.

Yue Yosemite Xu — Producer and host of the Date/able Podcast talks about finding love, keeping love and loving yourself.

I’ve been fortunate enough to tell stories for a living as a TV reporter, PBS host and through my nonprofit, Go Inspire Go. I’ve realized that storytelling has the ability to heal people if we take the time to share our stories and life lessons that make us who we are. Remember, no matter what you’re going through, you’re not alone, there is hope.

We have some exciting updates coming soon about where and when we will be showing our first season of “The Toan Lam Show”! To stay connected, follow us on all social platforms @ToanLamShow

You do you, boo!


P.S. To all of you who have messaged us to let us know that you, too, feel lifted, shifted and are still buzzing from the experience, thank you. I feel your energy, support and love. Now, I just can’t wait to share this with the world… soon. #StayTuned

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