Edible Flowering Herb Arrangements

Nothing delights my senses and brings more joy than the phrases, “more for your money” and “florals.” Consider this the double joy episode.

What if I said today’s “Style Your Spirit” tip delights nearly all your senses — tantalizing texture, smell, touch, taste — and saves you money? Now that I got your attention, I wanted to share this phenomenal floral tip that will have you rushing to the store/market/foraging adventure in your neighbor’s yard (I kid, kind of!)

During a recent trip to the Fort Mason Center Farmers’ Market in San Francisco, I ran across these gorgeous teeny tiny white flowers that were mixed in with veggies. My heart leapt. The farmer called these “flowering cilantro.” I wish this was a scratch ’n’ sniff blog because I could smell the herbs a farmers’ market stall away. Can you believe they’re only $1? Well, the farmer gave them to me for free when I purchased a bunch of other veggies from him — he said I helped sell them to other customers around me.

$1 floral (herb) arrangement. Just perfect on my kitchen table.

There was an older couple who owned a winery in Napa who were just as intrigued as I was with these blooming beauts. The wife asked, “What do you do with them?” That’s when I got all SYS (Style Your Spirit) on them.

I said, well, along with other herbs, you can put them in water so they last longer. Then you can throw the blooms in a salad or dry put them in a stir fry. You could even stretch your dollar and use them as dried herbs for later! You get to enjoy the sight and smell of them and they’re inexpensive. SOLD!

She said, “Thank you, honey, for the great idea!”

I did a quick search online and discovered this was called flowering or bolting cilantro. Check out this video to learn more about how these blooms can lift your spirit and shift your space without breaking the pocketbook.

Spiritually, I love saving money (I kid!), but really, though, the smell is a gift to my senses. It’s like an apothecary treat from Mother Nature. I also love staring into them, just as I do with flower arrangements in my home when I meditate. Bringing the outdoors inside inspires me to be in the present moment and reminds me to go out and spend more time in nature. This is one of my favorite, serendipitous SYS’s to date!

Enjoy! Hope this brings you as much JOY as it did to all my senses.

Note/correction: the small arrangement is thyme. I was all caught up in the moment and had a floral brain fart.

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