Luxuriate in the Now, Let Your Woes Fade Away

Good day to you, boo. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been experiencing a roller coaster of emotions as of late.

I was speaking with some friends recently and it seems I’m not the only one on this up-and-down ride, y’all.

During breakfast yesterday, I started to think about how I snap out of the snappy, not-so-pleasant Toan moments. I realized that when I’m not in the present moment and my mind is moving a mile a minute, I am not luxuriating in the most important time of life — the NOW.

Join me for brekkie as I pontificate about how I’m luxuriating in the now. I promise, it will help you ease your anxiety and fear.

Here’s how, enjoy!

Take Action

1. You’re human, give yourself a break and breathe. When you catch yourself in a roller coaster of emotions, know that it is OK. You’re going through a lot, like all of us, and the highs and lows are normal. When you feel yourself starting to get dramatic or snappy, snap out of it by focusing on your breath. Just 10 deep breaths will do, boo!

2. Do something that brings you joy. For me, it could be any of the following: being in nature, going on a walk, calling a friend, cooking or crafting. What excites you?

3. Gratitude. Whenever I start to feel in a funk, fall into fear or start feeling sorry for myself, I focus on the things I’m grateful for. I either start counting on my fingers, write them down in my gratitude journal or call a friend and talk about the things I am fortunate to have, which include friends, family, food, shelter, breath, creativity, health. What are you grateful for, boo?

Enjoy every morsel of the now.

Thanks for luxuriating with me.

Virtual hugs,

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