Sharing Vignettes of Joy in My Abode

How are you doing on what seems like Day 3,000,000 of the COVID-19 Craze?

While I can’t control all the darkness swirling around in the world, some things I can control are:
-How I react to people/situations/things
-How to take care of myself and people I love
-How I spread joy and beauty in the world

Throughout my life, even when I was making just $20,000 a year at my first TV reporting job in Wausau, Wisconsin, I’ve indulged in little things that bring me joy. For example, I would splurge on a $10 candle, buy/pick flowers or rearrange my furniture. The act of creating brings me so much joy, and so does sharing the beauty I create with you.

I have always believed that the space around you reflects the space inside you — cluttered home, cluttered mind. Simple, no?

That’s why I created the “Style Your Spirit” series in which I feature interior design tips paired with life tips to elevate your spirit.

Whenever I feel uneasy, anxious or stressed about dark times, I find light and joy in my nest — a little Edwardian apartment in San Francisco.

I got up early recently and started to rearrange vignettes in my home. Making your space beautiful is easier than you may think. Here are some TOAN TIPS on how to create joy though vignettes, and some things in my abode that bring excitement to my space, inside and out!

Take Action + Some of My Fave Things:

1. Make your space beautiful.

2. Share plants. I’ve been propagating plants and sharing. The plant in the video was given to me by my dear style sister, Dr. Gladys Ato.

3. Books in my video:
-“Wabi-Sabi Welcome” by Julie Pointer-Adams
-“The Anatomy of Sheds” by Jane Field-Lewis
-“Haute Bohemians” by Miguel Flores-Vianna
-“Meditations on Design” by John Wheatman

A vignette consisting of a Vitruvi diffuser, a plant from my friend Gladys and some favorite books.

4. Fave things featured:
-Astier de Villatte candles and porcelain
-Vitruvi diffusers are so chic and release just the perfect amount of mist. After I purchased it, I found out that it was also featured on Goop.
-John Derian’s decoupage, décor and candles are delicious for the senses
-Diptyque classic candles are a treat for the olfactory senses
-Toto Washlet bidets. Just get it!
-Cire Trudon candles and room spray — oldest candlemaker in the world and as divine as it sounds.

Diptyque perfume candles

These are some of the things that bring me joy at this moment. What’s bringing you joy today? Please share by tagging me @toanlamtv

Stay beautiful,

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“Style Your Spirit” features fresh, quick videos with a SIMPLE design tip to create a BIG shift in your perspective. These videos were borne out my mission to inspire you to be aware of the beauty around — and inside you.

When you change your space, you change the place inside you. It’s even more exciting when you find it and share that spark and sparkle with others. Some of us just need a little inspiration to discover it and take action. You’ll find it here.

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