Finding Joy and Peace of Mind During the Coronavirus Craze

I’m praying for everyone who is going through a tough time. Thanks to the COVID Craze, my emotions have been on a pendulum. One moment I’m feeling hopeful and happy that the world is moving slower and another moment I’m feeling hopeless and sad. It is completely OK to feel all the feels and move forward, y’all!

My message to you came out of a morning meditation:


How? Start by finding little moments of joy. Here’s how I tap into these special slivers of beauty:

Take Action

1. List 5-10 things that bring you joy
2. Do at least one of the things on your list daily!

Here’s what brings me joy:
1. Daily walks
2. Focusing on nature and noticing new growth on plants
3. Using my good plates and silverware
4. Calling and connecting with friends
5. Reading
6. Luxuriating in one moment of stillness by doing deep breaths

What are you grateful for?


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