How to Calm Yo-self: The 2020 Election Edition

How are y’all doing this election eve?

If you’re in the majority like me 🙋, you’re part of the 86 percent of folks who are feeling election anxiety. That factoid is thanks to a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) and Harris Poll. According to those sources, the stress is due to the uncertainty surrounding the outcome.

As a former TV reporter, I know there is more good news than bad out there. I truly believe that there are more good humans than bad on this planet, even though what you read and hear may not reflect this fact.

So besides staying away from excessive TV watching and limiting my time on social media, here are some things I’m doing tonight to calm myself. I hope they help you calm yo’ self too, boo.

Take Action

1. Make plans to keep yourself busy. Take a walk, organize a distanced Zoom dinner or work on a DIY project. We all find pleasure and distractions from different activities, so you do you, boo! Read, write, craft, garden, exercise (motion is lotion, lol), watch mindless TV or enjoy a funny comedy.

2. News breaks. Speaking of TV, reduce your time consuming news and social media. ’Nuff said.

3. Connect with your tribe. In times when I’m feeling my highest highs and lowest lows, I call on my peeps to share and commiserate. I remember when Barack Obama won his first presidential election, I gathered at a bar with friends as the results came in and history was made.

Last year, we had a potluck at a friend’s home. This year, let’s be COVID-19 clear. I’ll be chillin’ at home and will probably do some FaceTimes and calls with my beloved. Support groups are the best and help relieve stress internally and externally.

4. Gratitude: You’ve heard the saying “darkness doesn’t live where light exists.” Likewise, fear and anxiety can’t take up the same space as gratitude. Count your blessings and pass them on to others.

5. Sharing is caring: Do something kind for a neighbor or friend. I’m giving some succulent plants I’ve grown to neighbors tomorrow!

6. VOTE. Like your life and the planet depend on it.

Lemme know your thoughts and share in the comments or tag me @toanlamtv & @goinspirego.

See you on the other side!

Be safe, sane and good to yourself and remember to do a kind deed for someone else.

Love ya,

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