A Life-Changing Affirmation for Challenging Times

During a recent sunrise meditation stroll along the beach here in San Francisco, I got the urge to share a simple, yet powerful manifestation mantra with y’all.

I have been reflecting on many conversations with loved ones lately about how to get through the tough, weird and wonky times brought on by the pandemic.

Every single time I’ve dealt with some dark s*** or sad stuff, saying a special, pretty magical practice from the late spiritual teacher and author Wayne Dyer, and a sacred mantra from my bookkeeper, Bobbie Howard, have helped me shift my perspective and lift my spirits.

What often emerges are answers to the questions brought to the surface by the challenges at hand. I’ve since shared these affirmations with several people who have been dealing with insurmountable physical, mental and spiritual difficulties.

I pray this will offer you some light and lightness.

Take Action

1. If you’re having a bad day or going through a rough patch in life, remember, as sucky as things may seem, they are here to teach you something. Feel the feels and do the things that bring a healthy, good-feeling vibration into your ether.

For me, it’s an uplifting soul-to-soul conversation with a beloved kindred spirit, walking in nature or sitting in silence as I take 10+ deep breaths. Try it!

2. Affirmations help you reset your mind, body and spirit. Repeat the mantra:

“The perfect and right <fill in the blank> is on its way. You’ve got to believe it to receive it.”

Wayne Dyer would put a sign next to his bed that read, “Good things are going to HAPPEN.”

I like to say, “Good things are on the way!”

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3. Reach out for help. Chances are, someone is waiting and willing to help you get through whatever situation you’re facing. No matter the hardship, be it physical, fiscal, mental, emotional or spiritual, know that you are not alone and there is hope.

What challenges are you facing? How are you coping? How are you reaching out for help? I want to know! Tag me on social @ToanLamTV & @GoInspireGo

May goodness find you soon!


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