How to Set a Casual Table and Set Your Intention

Every time I eat at home — be it by myself, with my family or hosting a dinner party with florals and fab — I set the table. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time and you don’t have to be fussy. You just need to know how. Setting the table is all about setting the intention for me and my guests. More on that later….

Here’s a quick video I created — a show and tell — on how to set a casual, informal table and elevate your style + spirit:

Take Action

This simple diagram and picture I snapped with my iPhone will help guide you on how to set the basic place setting:

Image Credit: RealSimple

* Note: Even for casual dinner settings, I like to put two glasses or goblets to the upper right-hand side of the table. It gives guests an option for still water, plus wine, juice or a spritzer.

* I like to experiment with where to place my napkins as well. Proper etiquette dictates that you should put it to the left of the plate but, as I say, “You do YOU, boo!” Sometimes I put it to the right of the plate or on top of the plate itself.


Why is this important? I set my intention whenever I do anything, including setting the table for myself, my family or guests. 

When you’re asked to set the table, setting the table is all about setting an intention:
-to set a mood, 
-to elevate the energy and experience
-to show you care

The whole experience is different when you take just a few extra minutes to set the table and set your intention that you put some effort and thought into eating, breaking bread and taking time to enjoy this sacred moment.

I love making sure people are comfy at my home and dinner table. That’s truly how I say I love you to my guests.


P.S. Put away those cell phones when you’re eating 🙂

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