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Have you ever met someone who touched you so deeply your soul shifted? For me and the millions who've been touched by the gentle giant known as Dr. Michael Pritchard, you know and you feel what I'm talking about. READ MORE>>


A Conversation About How Grief Leads to Generosity & Love

Author Marianna Cacciatore opens up about her childhood trauma and shares how people can emerge from the burden of loss to experience a life full of generosity and love.

Rethink Yoga. Rethink You

Toan Lam chats with Kim Shand, a nationally-renowned yoga expert whose empowering story and life lessons in overcoming a birth defect and depression will inspire you to rethink yoga and rethink your life.

Princess Tirelo and NBA Team Up to Inspire Confidence in Youth

This is a special edition of Tea with Toan, instead of a recorded Skype conversation -- Toan decided to take this interview offline and interview Princess Tirelo Molotlegi in person about her royal family's collaboration with the National Basketball Association.

Using Music to Unify Youth, Spark Inspiration and Harmony

Artist Manager Natalie Pryce shares how a chance meeting with a stranger, Father Andrew Stringfellow, on a train in the U.K., inspired her passion to be elevated and transformed into something quite remarkable. Watch and find out how Natalie uses her power, connections and love for music to orchestrate a unique safe place for youth from all backgrounds together.

Inspiring Heart and Community Through Photos

What do you do with your pictures after capturing the perfect landscape, loved one or moment? If the photos are still digitally archived, you have to watch my "Tea with Toan" interview with photographer Kat Sloma. Her "Photo Heart Connection" project will give you a new appreciation of your photography while connecting to other images around the world.