50 Inspiring Stories in 50 States: Help GIG Uncover a Real Life Hero in Your Community

I believe that a story well told can make people care. It can awaken your power to take action. That’s why we’re taking Go Inspire Go (GIG) to another level.

Woohoo! After more than six months of planning — my team and I are excited to launch 50/50, our first crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo. The goal: To uncover and highlight 50 inspiring, unsung street-corner style heroes from each state. Regular people who are doing what’s in their power to help others. We know that you will be inspired to “Discover and Use Your Power to Help”.

GIG Team

Everyone has a power. What is your power?

Some people discover it early in life, like Phoebe, Nico and Vivienne.

Others, a bit later in their life’s journey, Jorge, Amy and Aumatma.

You may be like many and have not yet realized your power, but when you do -– hold on -– it will change the trajectory of your life.

Toan with Stuffed Animal, 3-years-old

That’s what happened to me. I grew up a few bad neighborhoods and never believed I had the power to make a difference. I loved to read, write, talk and to connect with others. It’s also my gift that has enriched my life.

How do you find your “gift?”

Start by asking yourself three questions:
1. What am I naturally good at?
2. What do I gravitate toward?
3. What do I look forward to each day?

My answers to these questions led me to a career in TV news reporting. I started in Wisconsin, then headed south to Texas and back to California (Fresno and then San Francisco). While reporting the news – what I thought was my dream job – I became despondent and empty covering death and destruction.
People would tell me they didn’t want to turn on the tube because they were inundated with bad news.

I could do something about this by creating a YouTube channel and uploading stories about inspiring everyday people, real-life superheroes and giving them the support they need and deserve!

I thought if five people helped five others, fantastic!

Be careful what you wish for. A few hundred thousand people started watching and thousands of people helped, using their own power.

GIG became something bigger than I could have ever imagined while we made a BIG impact on humanity.

Aside from the engagement we created in several communities, I was approached with two opportunities to create TV shows. Since they were not the right fit, my volunteer team and I kept doing what we know best – telling authentic stories, leveraging social media to build community to spark civic engagement.

This was the genesis of 50/50. Once I shared this idea with my volunteer team and some friends, dozens of people pitched to make this idea a reality. (See links at bottom of blog to follow our behind-the-scenes journey).

Volunteers and new GIG friends on our Social Media Walk

We believe that highlighting one hero from every state will not only highlight their passion and good work to get them support, we know it will inspire you to take action.

Jorge Munoz checking out new stove

There are everyday heroes out there who are living examples of generosity, goodness and selfless service. Likewise, there are people like you who want to help but don’t know how. Through our character-driven stories, GIG inspires you to make it your GIG to use your power to help those we feature.

We need your help!

We are crowdsourcing support to help highlight these superheroes and spread their stories out to the world like how small actions ripple out to meaningful changes.

We invite you to use your power and join our movement!

Take Action:
1. Donate to our 50/50 Campaign. All donations will be used to bring you more inspiring stories.
2. Share with your friends, family, colleagues.
3. Tell us about ordinary people doing extraordinary good in your community. Email us: info@goinspirego.com

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