Creating Reminders That Spark Joy In Your Home Every Day

Whenever people seek home decorating advice or want to change the energy of their abode, I ask them a question that’s key to creating a home that excites and delights you.

How does your place make you feel?

My follow-up question: Do everyday things in your home bring you joy?

I know Marie Kondo has built her brand around sparking joy, but, really, pay attention to how often you feel oh-so-good at home. It’s about noon my time and, already, I could clock three things that make me joyful.

Here’s a quick show-and-tell of things in my pad that excite me:

Take Action

One of my favorite quotes is from designer Nate Berkus: “Your home should rise to meet you.” These words couldn’t be truer to our style and spirit. But let me add, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Here’s some info about the stuff I mentioned in my video:
-Trader Joe’s cinnamon brook: $5.99.
-Gourds: Less than $1.

• I love my Tatine Absinthe hand soap. Their candles are divine, too.

The Tatine Absinthe was a gift and admittedly out of my price range. But what it means to me can’t be contained in a bottle.

My friend Misha, who owns Sekula’s Art, Antiques and Design in Sacramento, gifted it to me. Every time I use it, I think back on our conversations about her inspirations, designing a life authentic to her, losing loved ones and the importance of cherishing the time with them while they’re still with us in human form.

• Whether it’s hand soap from Target or HomeGoods, switch things up to get different scents that delight you and excite you when you’re using them.

• Y’all know I’m a huge fan of using your good stuff. That’s what life is about, being in touch with the things that bring you joy.

What brings you joy in your everyday? I want to know. Please share below.


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